Cretey has been in bands since the age of fifteen to name just a couple One Way System and Road Rage. Establishing himself as a proper gig mosher, singer, song writer, drummer and axeman.
In his time as a musician he has toured many parts of England, Europe and even across the pond to the USA. Cretey as a recording artist has recorded four albums two with Road Rage and two with 3 Stone Monkey.
Psycho was born August 2010 at Rok Stok Midnight Massacre. At the time the man behind the mask played bass for an acoustic duo called Willowstree but had to cancel. Having already bought the costume for the Halloween special and not wanting it to go to waste arranged with Cretey to jump out during their first song and jump around a bit shouting '3 Stone Monkey' unknown to the rest of the band who wondered what the hell was going off. 45 Minutes later and still jumping around blagging backing vocals for the rest of the set Psychosanta was born. Over the next year now known simply as Psycho was to be given a more prominent roll in the band the rest they say is history in the making.
Ghandi's one of the babies of the band and learnt his musical abilities at primary school which he left at 19. Now he's in his twenty's and just finished middle school he's still trying to play guitar and wished he'd had a proper lesson. The main reason for Ghandi joining the band was his old man (royston) he said 'it was a good crack being in a band and that you get to travel the world and just think of the groupies.' So far he's not ventured out of the UK or pulled a groupie but it's still early days.
Royston born a bit before the others and the granddad of the band started messing around on the bass guitar in the 80's thatís the 1980's not the 1880's. Royston only being able to count to four thought it would be the perfect instrument with it only having four strings. Royston met Cretey and has never been the same since together in the 90's they formed a little band called Road Rage which took them around Europe and across the pond to the USA. With Road Rage eventually coming to a halt Royston spent a couple of years fooling around ( with the guitar not the wife ). Later forming 3 Stone Monkey with Cretey from the ashes of Road Rage can be seen performing on stage as long as the old boys ticker will take it.
JB first got into drums in his last year of school where he jammed with friends.
It got a lot more serious when he got his own kit and played it as much as he could. Even when not playing his drums he's still thinking about them and is always tapping on something. Being a bit of a dreamer he imagines playing to crowds of people clapping, cheering and shouting JB we love you.
Apart from the love of music JB can often be seen at the gym, playing sport and chilling with a cup of tea. JB's musical influances are Metallica, Chimaira, Hatebreed, and Sepultura. Favourate drummers include Lars Ulrich, Andol Herrick and John Bonham.