3 Stone Monkey tour dates
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Sat 18th September. The Appleby, Burton on Trent. Supporting This System Kills.

Fri 1st October. The Old Bell, Derby. Supporting Firstwave.

Fri 29th October. Turks Head, Castle Donington. Supporting Fight back.

Sat 30th October. The Barge, Long Eaton. Supporting Evan Fail.

Sat 13th November. The Lamb, Castle Donington. Headliner.

Sat 26th November. Vic Bikers Bar, Coalville. Supporting Dogs of War.
Gig History.
Sat. 16th April. The Turks Head, Castle Donington. Headliner.

Sat. 18th June. The Old Bell, Derby.

Sat. 25th June. West Park, Long Eaton Carnival. Headliner.

Sat. 12th August. The Lamb, Melbourne, Derby. Headliner.

Sun. 28th August. Hog and Hosper, Pontypool, Wales. Supporting Sham 69.

Sat. 15th October. Stage One, Long Eaton. Supporting Sack Sabbath.

Sat. 22nd October. Soldiers and sailer, Long Eaton. Supporting Daniel Dobbs.

Fri. 18th November. The Old Angel, Nottingham. Supporting Peter and the Test Tube Babies.

Sat. 19th November. The Shed, Leicester. Headliner.

Sat. 17th December. The Lamb, Melbourne, Derby. Headliner.
Sat. 19th January. The Red Shed, Wakefield. Supporting Skip Rat.

Sat. 24th February. The Sitwell Tavern, Derby. Headliner.

Sat. 9th April. The Midland Hotel, Stapleford, Nottingham. Supporting The Buzz Band.

Sat. 30th June. The Lamb, Melbourne, Derby. Headliner.

Sat 14th July. The Sitwell Tavern, Derby. Headliner.

Fri. 26th July. Rock and Blues Festival, Main Stage, Pentrich, Derbyshire. Supporting Mentallica.

Sat. 8th September. 1 in 12 Club, Bradford. Supporting The Roughneck Riot.

Sat. 15th September. The Vic Bikers Pub, Coalville. Supporting Copperhead.

Sat. 13th October. The Gathering, Sutton Bridge.

Sun. 18th November. The Sitwell Tavern, Derby. Supporting Certified.
Sat. 12th January. The old angel, Nottingham, Supporting Peter and the Test Tube Babies.

Sat. 23d February. The Sitwell Tavern, Derby. Supporting W.O.R.M.

Sat. 2nd March. The Sportsman, Long Eaton. Supporting Drongo's for Europe.

Sun. 26th May. Nice and Sleazy, (Marquee) . Morecambe. Supporting GBH.

Sun. 23rd June. Ink for Heroes, York Race Course, York.

Sat. 6th July. The Snooty Fox, Wakefield. Supporting Dogflesh.

Sat. 14th September. Hardy Hall, Bolton. Supporting XSLF.

Sat. 5th October. The Bath Hotel, Morecambe. Supporting Addictive Philosophy.

Sat. 23rd November. Sitwell Tavern, Derby. Headliner.

Sat. 7th December. The Intake Club, Nottingham. Supporting Smokey Bastard Tails From The Wasteland.

Sat. 14th December. The Doghouse, Nottingham. Headliner.
Sat. 15th February. (Afternoon) The Black Market, Market Warsop. Supporting Peter and the test tube babies.

Sat. 15th February. (Evening) The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. Supporting Splodgenessabounds.

Sat. 22nd February. The Snooty Fox, Wakefield. Supporting 4 Past Midnight.

Sat. 1st March. The Old Angel, Nottingham. Supporting GBH.

Sat. 22nd March. The Forresters, Nottingham. Supporting Anarchistwood.

Sat. 5th April. The Cottage, Chasetown. Supporting Dischord.

Thurs. 10th April. The Bath Hotel, Morecambe. Headliner.

Fri. 11th April. The Bannermans, Edinburgh. Headliner.

Sat. 17th May. The Intake, Nottingham. Supporting The Pukes.

Sat. 24th May. TBFM Birthday bash, Snooty Fox, Wakefield. Supporting Massive Wagons.

Sun 25th May. Nice and Sleazy (main Stage) The Trimpell. Morecambe. Supporting Roddy Radiation.

Sat. 21st June. The Victoria Inn, Derby. Double Headliner with Prisoners of war.

Sun. 22nd June. Ink for Heroes, York race Course, York.

Sat. 5th July. In Yer Face 2, The Flying Shuttle, Bury. Supporting Billy Club.

Sat. 19th July. The Sunn Inn, Chesterfield. Supporting 2 Sick Monkeys.

Sat. 31th August. 12 Bar Club, London. Supporting Anarchistwood.

Sat. 4th October. The Bobbins, Lancaster. Supporting Thee Overdose.

Sat. 29th November. The New Cross, Sutton in Ashfield. Supporting 999.

Sun. 28th December. The maze, Nottingham. Supporting Dirt Box Disco.

Mon.  6th April. The Harrington Arms, Long Eaton. Headliner.

Sun. 26th April.  Warehouse 23, Wakefield. Supporting UK Subs.

Sat.  6th June. The Intake Club, Mansfield, Nottingham. Supporting Wonk Unit.

Sat. 20th June. Long Eaton Carnival, Long Eaton. Headliner.

Sun 21st June. York Tattoo convention, York racecourse, York.

Sat 27th June. The New Cross, Sutton in Ashfield, Supporting Steve Ignorant + Paranoid Vision.

Sat.  29th August.  The Victoria Inn, Derby. Headliner.

Thur. 10th September. The Hairydog, Derby. AWOD Festival supporting Discharge.

Sun. 11th October.  The Bobbin, Lancaster Music Festival. Headliner.

Sat.   5th December. Warehouse 23, Wakefield. Supporting Zounds.

Sat.  12th December. The Bath Hotel, Morecambe. Supporting Pink Hearse.

Sat. 19th December. Sumac Centre, Nottingham. Headliner.
Sat. 12th March. The Intake club, Mansfield, Nottingham. Supporting Cress.

Sat. 26th March. The Railway Inn,
Douglas, Isle Of Man. Headliner.

Sat. 28th May. The Running Horse, Nottingham. Supporting Noose.

Sat. 4th June. The Bobbins, Punk and disorderly 5, Lancaster. Supporting Snide Remarks.

Sun. 19th June. York Tattoo Convention, York Race Course, York. Headliner.

Sat. 30th July.  The Sumac Centre, Nottingham. Supporting The Headsticks.

Sun. 31st July. The Bath Hotel/Chip Shop. Nottingham. Headliner.

Sun. 14th August. Notts Punks picnic. The Dog House. Nottingham. Supporting Wonk Unit.

Sat.  22nd October. Benifest.  Trimpell Club. Morecambe. Headliner.

Sat. 11th March. The Blackmarket. Warsop, Nottingham.  Supporting Hung like Hanratty.

Sat. 6th May. The Sitwell Tavern. Charity bash,  Derby. Supporting The Whiskey Rebellion.

Sat. 3rd June.  Fiver Fest.  Sailors and soldier.  Castle Donington. Supporting Hung Like Hanratty.

Sat. 10th June. The Maze.  Nottingham.  Supporting Wolk bites boy.

Sat.  17th June. Long Eaton Carnival.  West Park. Long Eaton supporting Fahran.